As combating terrorism is increasingly becoming complex and involves different dynamics, Kagusthan Ariaratnam has initiated Project O Five on November 23, 2015 to engage the public to debate about how to approach the counterterrorism phenomena anew and to rethink strategy. It is an Ottawa, Ontario-based independent and nonprofit initiative that was formed to focus on a wide variety of subjects which are international in scope and consist of counter-radicalization and counter-terrorism research, strategic and tactical intelligence analysis, and threat briefs.
Although counterterrorism operations most often require “hard power” apparatuses, which include intelligence, law, policing, and military power, it must increasingly make use of “soft power” tools that consist of political, social, cultural and economic control, alongside broader policy initiatives dealing with the environment, development, critical infrastructure, migration, and humanitarian intervention, in which a nation’s civil society plays a vital role (Crelinsten, 2015). Obviously, Professor Joseph Nye, who coined the term “soft power”, reminded us that a viable civil society would help mitigate violence. As Nye concluded, a great nation’s interests in world politics can be better achieved through the use of “smart power”, a combination of both soft and hard power (Nye, 2004). Therefore, to combat terrorism smartly in today’s global information age, nations must backstop and infuse conventional hard power tactics with more flexible and cunning cultural soft power strategies. In other words, countries should apply fused military and non-military strategies.
Mission: To bring about world peace by the “STATE OF GLOBAL TERRORIST DETERRENCE”.
Vision: The ultimate goal is “ONE WORLD” by ensuring geostrategic-cum-borderless “global village” for the modern citizens of the world.
The following is a music video created by a like-minded Indian musician A.R. Rahman that promotes a peaceful One World.

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